My dudes

My dudes


Baby is back.. For today

I keep aiming to stay up to date on my blog but i dont seem to get enough sleep never mind enough me time! However, i shall try! I have an android phone now so we’ll see how it goes! Baby boy is still fantastic by the way.. X


A whiiiile…

It has literally been a long while since i ‘blogged’ on here and there have been some huge changes and i literally feel like.. woah.

I have a new job or rather two new jobs to be precise… i returned to work in a job i didn’t want to do for my alloted 3 month time period and then i was offered two different part time roles and being the determined mommy i am - i’m going to do both roles totalling about 27 hours per week instead of 22… i’m very nervous but i have to do this to progress my career and provide for Theo in the long term… my new official roles are Heritage Officer and Community Participation Officer, i’ve moved up in the working world with sheer hard work…

In the short term; Theo can walk and he can say two words! I am such a proud mom… he’s 13 months old and an absolute babe - i cant believe how perfect he is.

Life is good and i’m going to try and update with some more pics soon x


Suprise suprise…

The boy is planning a suprise for his missus on Christmas day - but i am not to be told and i am not to be guessing - so far he has confirmed that it is not a kitten, not an engagement ring and not a DSLR camera… hrmmm…

I have lots of pictures to upload of us trying to be festive - is it just me or does it seem to have RUSHED up to Christmas really quickly? i feel like i have been so meticulous in my present planning and seem to still have been caught unawares and will still be cruising around a busy shopping centre with baby in tow trying to make sure we have everything in order for the big day… but lets not forget that Christmas is supposed to be about love and time together - which i’m trying so hard to remember as i dash around entering my chip and pin every ten mins to acquire gifts (which i love to give gifts!) but the stress of not forgetting anything… woah!

Its Theo’s first Christmas so i am very very excited… X


Honey, you shrunk your mama

Its offical - after a check up at the docs today; i am half a stone lighter since having a baby and my boobs are 2 cup sizes bigger. Eff Yeah!

This teaches me two things: 

1) breastfeeding is THE best weight loss tool there is (as well as being immense for bonding etc) forget slimming world, lazy mama’s get breastfeeding!

2)It is so fantastic that the human body is so amazing, it can go through pregnancy, give birth, heal its-self, feed the child it grew and then go back to normal with no stretchmarks (thanks mum!) or visible scars or fatty overhangs. 

I understand that not every woman is the same but i personally haven’t always been a thinnie-minnie and spent some of my teenage years at about 11.5/12 stone but i have just found that nature is amazing and the fact that pregnancy and birth can be such a natural process and now my body is ready to have another baby whenever i’m ready; i find that miraculous. 



November loving had me a blast <3

A sweet cup of tea after a long Autumn walk across the transpennine trail in the sunshine with baba and puppy dog, life is the sweetest x


Just to remember..

This past 3 days Theo has learned to clap - its a bit haphazard and there’s actually no ‘clapping’ sound as such… but he very much copies me when i clap to him… its amazing. 

And today (8th Nov. 2011) he has developed an obsession with my earrings…. 

just wanted to note these two occurrences down, because i might forget and i really dont want to forget x


'Poo covered towels and other tales…'

I have just read quite a meaningful post… The lovely lady of the ‘Sometimes Sweet’ blog (i dont know much about other bloggers, i just know that i check their sites every week or so to read about their interesting lives!) has done a guest post on another blog called ‘The Shine Project’ and the link to the guest post is this:


and it has really struck me with the importance of the fleeting moments of motherhood… my son is asleep next to me; well, he is on my left on the sofa on a couple of cushions and the one-eyed kitty cat is on my right… i think i’m doing quite well multi-tasking his young life experiences with experiencing it myself… its a complicated task balancing your self with this new role and also maintaining your relationships (on consideration - some relationships flourish with mommy-hood and others falter, mainly because things feel different for you and those around you and in this day and age, i have experienced jealousy over becoming a mum from quite a few different types of people and in many different forms. This world is so competitive and every respect) and what has really struck me tonight is that as a family, we cannot afford me to give up work and raise my son properly (aka how i want to raise him) well not at the moment anyway. I would LOVE to be a stay at home mom until he goes to school but its not an option, rest assured, when i have more children in the future, after i have established my career properly, i will be hopefully take a career break; depending on funds.

Its a shame in this word we have created, particularly women, we are now a society who lives using two wages and can no longer survive on one. Which makes me feel very sad and if not a little cheated; i dont have the simplest of joys in which is raising my family…

On that note, i have been considering my return to work, which as i have written about before; i’ll be returning to a role i dont want to do, despite spending the year before my maternity in a job i loved and which i see as my career path; due to the conservative cuts, my perfect role is no longer available to me… so off i will trot (unless their is a miracle!) to my old job and will spend approx 22 hours per week doing something i detest instead of raising my child, and paying the earth for the privilege of someone else minding my child who is not a family member (which i feel is a huge risk, my child may get attached to someone else who will not be available to them through out the duration of their lives yet will play such a huge role in establishing them) - and i just feel like it is a lose-lose situation… there are definite positives to working but the government has made it very difficult for people below a certain wage to break even when childcare is considered… anyway, i am dreading it and feel that i am going to miss out on my child’s development; that’s the bottom line of my rant!

So i will stop now… today, my boys and I went out to Grindleford in Derbyshire where C’s Grandpa used to live and had a little walk around, its a beautiful village and C has so many good memories of the place - cant wait for Theo to start getting interested in nature and the outdoors! We’re a pretty outdoor-sy family but i’m not sure many other moms go for jaunts out in the country in a tweed jacket, faux fur collar and diamanté earrings! i did wear hunter wellies though to soften the country-glam look!

On a slightly comedic note; today was the first time that i have ever run out of nappies. Properly. At home. As in a definite go-to-the-nappy-stacker-and-shit-there-really-isn’t-one-nappy-in-here-check-hand-bag-no-none-in-there-either-fuckballs… so, sent Clive off to Tesco to get someone, bathed Theo and fashioned him some sort of towel nappy and put some tight fitting summer shorts over the top - i really was clutching at straws here… but he only poo’s once every two days or so and as the nappy i took off was a poopy one… i figured ‘should be pretty safe until Clive returns’ - what a rookie error. I was not safe. We were not safe… as soon as he was in the highchair, he went quiet and ohhh there goes the ‘poo face’… yep, a lovely, real, human poo right there on one of those towels that is the perfect size for putting your hair in a ‘towel turban’ haha, motherhood is a journey… and on that note, someone’s eyes are open and fixed on me… duty calls baby-o x

ps. Thank you to anyone who is following me, not yet mastered this business yet… i can get from dashboard to blog to upload photos… hrm… thank you anyways! will try to get better at the technicalities of blogging! x


The city is Dallas and the colour is Green

Went to see city and colour last night in Manchester (my first night out since having boyo)… it was AMAZEBALLS (trying to bring this word to the forefront of the public vocabulary domain - akin to Joey Essex and ‘Reem’)

Mega loved it. Baby boy was a home with my mom and bromeo.. and he slept the whole evening! Which he never ever does at home with me… so very impressed :) i was relaxed the whole evening and didn’t worry at all, missed him a bit but completely, totally enjoyed spending one night out of 500 (approx) as a 24 year old. I felt like an old, out of touch codger though to be perfectly honest! I feel like everyone knows that i feel out of place, like i’m transparent. i dont know what to do or say anymore, my world revolves around lamaze toys and utilising the washing machine!

Events of the night:

  • people holding their iphones up the ENTIRE time, its a while since i’ve been to a gig (2 years probably) and they are my favourite past time but a 5’4” person like myself cannot see through a fat boys arm holding a new white iphone4gsdwqrty or whatever the hellmeister it was… wish i could have watched it without a sea of screens breaking up my foreground vision…
  • my hips hurt so much after standing for 4 hours in one spot, i believe it is entirely related to pregnancy and giving birth but maaayynn… i was not expecting my body to still feel the effects in that manner after 8 months. 
  • it always rains in Manchester it appears.
  • students never change.
  • girls never change - when i went to the toilets, they were awash with girls applying make up, doing hair etc… i didn’t join them as i (miraculously) looked ok (i think) despite the rain beforehand (my emergency umbrella worked a treat despite my lack of spoke spatial awareness - sorry grey coated man infront)

Didn’t manage to get an outfit photo - must try better as i am trying to start photographing my outfits, bit difficult when you’re dodging projectile baby sick but i’m going to try… but i wore my gold brocade skirt, with black sheer dotty tights, my wonderful topshop patent shoes that i’ve had a while but they’re perfect, my black fluffy embellished river island cardi tucked into the skirt as a top, my dark green tweed topshop jacket and my fox fur collar… in a sea of hoodies and jeans, i looked pretty out of place in my glam heritage-luxe look… but the band came on and they were awash with tweeds and shirts and pleated trousers and over sized glasses - i felt as one in the fashion stakes… haha

The music was amazing though, Dallas Green is an immense talent; pitch perfect and soulful <3

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